How to apply


The pastoral character of ACN is its central feature. Hence ACN promotes projects explicitly aimed to support the evangelization of the Church in need worldwide. As a rule, we do not support projects with a prevalent social aim (e.g. in the fields of education and health care).


The project holder must be an ecclesiastical authority of the Catholic Church (at parish, diocesan, National level for a local Church; at provincial or international level for a religious institution or a lay community/movement). To come into consideration for funding, a request must have the explicit written approval of the local bishop (or the religious superior, if the project concerns a religious institute).


ACN supports as a rule the following types of pastoral projects:

  1. Pastoral initiatives (programs, activities, events etc.)
  2. Religious formation (Seminaries, noviciates, courses, scholarships )
  3. Media apostolate (Catholic radios, TV, social media etc.)
  4. Religious publications, in particular through the YOUCAT series and ACN own booklets
  5. Construction/renovation of buildings for the use of the local Church (churches, chapels, parish houses, pastoral centres, monasteries etc.)
  6. Transportation
  7. Basic subsistence aid for sisters and brothers of institutes of consecrated life
  8. Scholarships for postgraduate theological and philosophical studies in Europe and Canada

ACN helps the priests in need worldwide through mass intentions, i. e. stipends offered by our donors to celebrate masses according to their intention of prayer.


 Step 1: Send us a detailed description of the pastoral context in which the project has to be implemented and of the impact of the proposed solution.

Provide all data of the project holder and further important information about the project, with the help of our forms. Please consult related Forms Section link to get more information.

Step 2: Prepare documents of support to your request:

  • A recommendation letter of the competent ecclesiastical authority
  • A detailed cost estimate for the implementation of the project
  • A financing plan for the full amount required, including the local contribution and if it is the case the requests to other funding agencies
  • Photos and testimonies of the local Church are most appreciated.
  • Additional documents could be required for specific types of projects (constructions, vehicles etc.). Please consult on this regard the forms section.

Step 3: Submit the application to the following mail contacts, ordered by region link

For requests of scholarships please consult the specific page link

As a rule, we send you a reply within a period of ca. 3 months since the reception of the project. As we can´t support projects retroactively, for projects related to pastoral programs or formation courses please send your request at least 3 months before the beginning of the activities


As a sign of respect for the generosity of our donors and to comply with standard regulations of charity organizations, the correct and timely report about the use of the grants approved by ACN is of extreme importance. Please send us an accuse of receipt, as soon as you´ll receive our grant. Later we ask you to send us a report, that must include:

  1. a description of the implementation of the project, including a narrative description  of the pastoral benefit achieved
  2. a complete financial report, with a list of all type of expenses with related costs.
  3. Copy of invoices and receipts listed in the financial overview.
  4. If possible, some photos in digital format (minimum 1MB) to show the results of the project.


  1. Basic application form download
  2. Project Agreement, mandatory for all requests:
    1. FPA, for projects download
    2. FPAM, for mass intentions requests download
  3. Form for the request of scholarships download
  4. Form for the request of vehicles download
  5. Construction projects: check list for the presentation of projects (see below)
  6. Checklist for reports (financial and descriptive) download


Construction projects tend to be among the most technical and complex in nature. Here we offer a checklist of information needed. The list does not pretend to be exhaustive, nor is every point necessarily applicable in every single case.

    1. Basic application form
    2. Letter of recommendation of the local ecclesiastic authority.
    3. Detailed description of the project, including the analysis of the pastoral context and underlining the expected pastoral benefit that the construction will bring to the local Church.
    4.  Certificate of ownership by the Catholic Church for the land where the construction project is meant to be implemented.
    5. Copy of building permit.
    6. Copy of construction plans (floor plan, elevation and cross section) showing exact size and style of the planned building.
    7. Formal detailed full cost estimate of the construction in local currency divided in phases of construction (structural works/finish works), zones of construction (dormitories, common areas, chapel etc.) and type of intervention (foundations, walls, roof, doors and windows, interior works etc.).
    8. Full financial plan showing sources of funding to cover the formal cost estimate. This includes local contribution, other local and foreign sources, expected contribution from ACN. All charities that have been solicited for funding and their response must be included.
    9. If the construction is already underway, the current state of the construction. Please describe the work done to date with related photos and specify how much money has been invested thus far and how much is still needed.


For further information and to send your project application please write us at or use the contacts shown below, related to our regional sections. Please note that all correspondence about projects could be sent by mail. Sending documents by post is still possible (see the address below), but it is not necessary nor recommended

ACN International

Aid to the Church in Need gGmbH
Postfach 1209
D-61452 Königstein/Ts.



Europe 1
TL : Magda Kaczmarek
AA : Alla Voitenko
Tel : (0) 6174-291-215
Europe 2
AA : Maira Lopes Frate, Vedrana Perkovic
Tel : (0) 6174-291-234

Latin America

Latin America 1
HS : Luis Vildoso
AA : Elizabeth Barragan
Tel : (0) 6174-291-218
Latin America 2
HS : Rafael D’Aqui
AA : Monika Knapp
Tel : (0) 6174-291-221
Latin America 3
HS : Veronica Katz
AA : Malaika Dieng
Tel : +49 (0) 6174-291-271
Latin America 4
HS : Veronica Catalina Amador Chamorro
AA : Carmen Rodriguez-Mendiola
Tel : +49 (0) 6174-291-229


Africa 1
HS : Maxime Francois-Marsal
AA : Cécile Graf, Camille Alcaraz
Tel : +49 (0) 6174-291-262
Africa 2
HS : Toni Zender
AA : Jane Gilbert, Melanie Kirchner
Tel : +49 (0) 6174-291-236
Africa 3
HS : Mr. Ulrich Kny
AA : Michael Evers, Livia Lancellotti
Tel : +49 (0) 6174-291-240
Africa 4
TL : Kinga von Schierstaedt
AA : Pablo Pastore
Tel : +49 (0) 6174-291-225
Africa 5
HS : Francois-Xavier Pons
AA : Livia Lancellotti, Monika Sinzig
Tel : +49 (0) 6174-291-227
Africa 6
HS : Luis Sisto
AA : Monika Sinzig, Michael Evers
Tel :

Middle East & Central Asia

Middle East 1
HS : Reinhard Backes
AA : Tan Do-Sagemüller, Bérengère Vetal
Tel : +49 (0) 6174-291-213
Middle East 2
HS : Xavier Bisits
AA : Claudia Schmitz
Tel : +1 434 226 0386
Russia & Central Asia
HS : Peter Humeniuk
AA : Tan Do-Sagemüller
Tel : +49 (0) 6174-291-235


Asia 1
HS : Irene Eschmann
AA : Thi-Kim-ThaoTran
Tel : +49 (0) 6174-291-270
Asia 2
TL : Veronique Vogel
AA : Priyanthi Hiller
Tel : +49 (0) 6174-291-263
Asia 3
HS : Barbara Rettig
AA : Katia Zupanc-Cankar, Yosiaasa Wicaksananingrum
Tel : +49 (0) 6174-291-211
Asia 4
AA : Thi-Kim-ThaoTran, Yosiaasa Wicaksananingrum
Tel :


HS : Julian Löffler
AA : Sigrid Dapper, Elisabeth Dulai, Patricia Gonzalez-Orbegoso
Tel : (0) 6174-291-207